Dumb Shit

Why does America continue to do "Dumb Shit". After over 10 years, over a trillion dollars, and more importantly the lives of 10s of thousands of souls, we find out what many knew from the start, that this was a totally wrong move. And now the same idiots who got it wrong back then are in our faces again spouting more dumb shit. I can't believe that 72 percent of Americans were in favor of going to war with Iraq. On 9/11 2001 we were attack by terrorist, we lost 3000 souls and we were all in shock. Starting on 9/12 2001 till this day we've done everything wrong in their honor. We took a country that was being run "effectively" by a tyrannical dictator, and by effectively I mean he kept the radicals in check, and we turned it into a full blown terrorist country. Way to go America. TWIT