the good the bad and the ugly

Happy New Year 2021 

As many of you know, I have just finished my latest musical project "1st 20 of the 21st" which is a musical retrospective of the first 20 years of this century, and boy what a century it has been so far. 

By far this has been the most impactful 20 years of our young history. And as we inch closer and closer to a new Civil War we can only believe that the true inner good will prevail.

"Get ready for the second verse"


Vote, Vote, Vote

The insane taken over asylum? 

Saw a woman at the trump "super spreader event" yesterday holding up a sign that read "Pro Life for Trump" she had no mask and was not socially distanced, I wonder if H. Cain, RIP, would get the irony.

And the beat goes on 

Imagine all the shit that is going on that we miss by focusing on the clown, pick pockets?

Democrats eat their babies 

Just read that " Charlamagne tha God" was doggin Joe Biden for saying that DJT was the first racist president, not true correct, but who gives a fuck!! He is currently the racist President in the white house, enough of the history lessons lets deal with the here and now. You actually think that Kanye "insane membrane" West is an option, if you're still on the fence you need to "shut the fuck up". Joe Biden for better or worse is it, full stop. So take a lesson from the GOP, and protect your own, or maybe…

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on 11-3-2020 we "must" vote


Well the election is finally over, thank god! What exactly is the purpose of 24 hour, 7-day a week coverage of what would appear to be a simple process, you research the candidates, you cast your ballot simple right, apparently not. it's getting more and more evident that our politicians are being selected by whoever controls the media, and ill informed voters. The main theme this year was a familiar one "we're tired of politicians being politicians", yeah I didn't get a harumph out of that guy. I'm so…

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Einstein said.... 

 the distance between one and one determine the perspective of each