Well the election is finally over, thank god! What exactly is the purpose of 24 hour, 7-day a week coverage of what would appear to be a simple process, you research the candidates, you cast your ballot simple right, apparently not. it's getting more and more evident that our politicians are being selected by whoever controls the media, and ill informed voters. The main theme this year was a familiar one "we're tired of politicians being politicians", yeah I didn't get a harumph out of that guy. I'm so tired of hearing that same old song about how we voted for these people and I still can't get a job, which basically means people who have jobs are more motivated than you. So now these pea brains have decided to put a non-politician in the White House, yeah we'll show em. I wonder if these voters will ever realize that it's not the politicians fault you voted for someone that doesn't deliver on promises it's their fault. Let's say for example you're the CEO of a company and you tell head of personnel you need a qualified Finance Manager. So, after several interviews one hopeful comes in with no resume of any kind but somehow convinces the head of personnel that he is the man for the job, "I just like the cut of his jib", "the kind of guy I'd like to have a beer with", so after a year and record losses for the company they decide to fire the guy, who's fault is it that the company loss money? Not the guy who got hired, it's the guy that hired him. If you're constantly getting screwed by politicians it means you're voting for the wrong people and you don't remedy that by electing a novice to run the country, like my mother always used to say "that's cutting off your nose to spite your face", with that logic if your mechanic can't seem to fix your car I guess you should take it to your Dentist, good luck with that.

Like I said earlier elections are simple cast your vote, the hard part comes when you have to research and that doesn't mean watching Hannity or Rachael or whoever it means actually researching someone's record in politics. Remember lazy voter's make bad choices that we all have to live with.

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